We host small scale sewing classes to help you start or continue your slow fashion journey and curate a beautiful closet of handmade garments that reflect your style and tell your story.

Check out the schedule to see what’s going on, and then you can either click through or go to Workshops to register.

A love of learning and creativity is definitely required, but perfectionism is not. Feel free to take it off and leave it at the door as you enter a safe space of body positivity, creative control and enthusiastic championing of every seam. 

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Make your Own Jeans

Are you making your own jeans?

Sew your new favourite pair of jeans in a workshop, or just come for fitting advice.

Story-telling Through Stitches

Visible mending is growing in cultural awareness and there’s good reason why. Not only is it a way of keeping your wardrobe more environmentally conscious and sustainable, but it’s beautiful too. Join a mend-in, or explore story-telling through stitches at a variety of events including Shameless Circle or DIYFest.


Visible Mending

These jeans are a little love letter to Canada, from the mountains at the bottom, to the plains with wheat, followed by lakes (where my knee busted through after two years of wear!), to a tidepool for the east coast. I’ve seen and lived from ocean to ocean and when I wear them I get to tell a bit of my own story about how I relate to each place.