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About Katherine

Hi! It's Katherine!

I came to the slow fashion movement in 2015 with the birth of my fourth child. I decided to go on a ready-to-wear fashion fast and make or thrift all of my family's clothes. I had already been sewing for over a decade but had not been ready make the lifestyle change that slow fashion required.

When I began my rtw fast, I still considered jeans as part of Things I Couldn't Make. Also included: shoes. Eventually my courage and skills matched up and I made a pair of jeans and my life changed. Once you make a pair of jeans, you are ready for any piece of regular clothing (ball gowns not included). 

I am passionate about bringing the slow fashion movement to more people by making sewing more accessible and fun. Sewing can be isolating, so bringing people into a welcoming Winnipeg Sews community is paramount to success. Let me be your cheerleader!