Winnipeg Sews Jeans

Jeans. The final frontier.
I mean, really, they so aren’t! I promise! In fact, once you sew a pair of jeans, you will feel so ready to make your sewing dreams come true in any number of different ways. My goal is to empower you to love your body through clothes that fit your body. How often is it that you’re at the mall, tearing your hair out, wondering WTF designers are thinking when they make xyz? It totally happens.

But sewing lets you in on a wonderful secret: it’s literally not you, it’s them. Your body is beautiful. The curve here, the dimples there, the slope over there. And you can celebrate your body in a way that others can’t because the only person you need to please and fit, is you. Need the rise a bit higher? Done. Want a smidge more room over your hips? Done. Have trouble with a massive gap at the back waist because your waist-hip ratio is high? Fit them both! You can totally do it. Want to know how many people come to sewing through frustration with fit? Me too. Tell me if you find out, mkay? But, I bet it’s a lot.

Making peace with your body is an on-going process, but making your own clothes is a way to counter program your brain about clothing.