Skills: Seam Finishes

Skills: Seam Finishes


Learn how to make garments that are as beautiful on the inside as the outside with techniques like flat felled seams, french seams and more!

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This class is focused on beautiful techniques to finish your seams and add an extra layer of customization to your clothing. We'll be making our own bias tape, applying it to a curved edge in three different methods. You'll learn how to flat-fell and faux flat-fell a seam and why that makes a difference to your garment. Finally we'll cover gorgeous Hong Kong seams & french seams and when and where those are used in construction.

All these techniques are called "clean finish" because no edges are serged and no seams are left exposed in the garment. They take time and patience to do but your garment will feel smooth and luxurious and you can have a bunch of fun with contrast bias tape on pants and shirts.

Please bring your sewing machine. Students will go home with sewn examples of all techniques shown in class. Woven materials will be provided for practice, but no garment will be sewn.